RMTs: Thinking of leaving your practice? Here are answers to frequent questions.

February 2023

If you’re thinking about leaving practice, or changing practice locations, it’s important to consider your responsibilities to clients and record retention. CMTO receives frequent questions on this topic. Below we’ve answered the top three questions received by our Practice Specialist.

  1. If I leave my current practice, what do I need to tell my clients? RMTs are responsible for informing clients of their departure so that alternative care arrangements can be made. Clients must be made aware of how their health records will be stored, and who to contact with requests for access and/or copies. When changing practice locations, RMTs do not have to give clients their new contact information unless they are taking the only copy of clients’ health records with them when they leave.
  1. What are my responsibilities regarding record retention when I leave practice? An RMT should ensure health records will continue to be stored securely and confidentially by a health information custodian (HIC) for the remainder of the mandatory storage period. If you will not be fulfilling the duties of the HIC after your departure, you need to confirm that records will be retained by another individual or organization that is eligible to be the HIC. You are not required to have copies of clients’ health records after you leave. However, you should organize an agreement to be given access when required for valid reasons.
  1. Are there steps I can take to improve the process of leaving a practice? One of the best steps you can take is to organize details of the departure before it happens. For example, if you are starting a practice and negotiating an agreement with an employer or facility operator, it can be helpful to ensure that considerations for your departure (planned or unplanned) are clearly articulated in the agreement. Alternatively, if you are currently practising and have no immediate plans to leave or change practice locations, it can still be helpful to revisit any existing agreements to ensure that considerations for your departure are included.

Questions about leaving practice or record keeping? Don’t hesitate to reach out to CMTO’s Practice Specialist: practicespecialist@cmto.com. For more information on record keeping see CMTO’s Guide to Record Keeping Requirements.

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