Ready for January? New Standards of Practice are coming

Fall-Winter 2021

The Standards of Practice (2022) are currently available on CMTO’s website and take effect on January 1, 2022. By using an outcomes-based approach, the new Standards are applicable in all practice settings and provide RMTs with greater flexibility to adapt their treatment approach, while complying with requirements and protecting client safety.

The new Standards will not significantly impact the way Massage Therapy is practised, and most RMTs will continue to meet the new requirements. The new Standards allow for innovation and incorporation of new procedures and practices in the future. RMTs can continue to use current CMTO document templates and practice resources.

CMTO is providing several additional resources to support the transition to an outcomes-based approach in the new Standards. Review and preparation of materials associated with the new Standards may be used as an activity to fulfil STRiVE professional learning goals.

Standard Spotlights

CMTO has developed a Standard Spotlight for each Standard of Practice. These educational resources provide a set of questions RMTs can use to consider how they are achieving stated outcomes and following the related requirements in their practice.

CMTO recommends that RMTs review the Standards, the accompanying glossary, the ‘About the Standards’ document, and the Standard Spotlights in preparation for January 2022 and as a reference going forward.

Standards Videos

CMTO has also developed a set of videos to highlight key themes on the new Standards. The videos include discussion of the sections found in each Standard, some key features of an outcomes-based approach and additional resources to help apply the Standards in practice.

The new Standards of Practice, Standard Spotlights and videos are available on CMTO’s Standards of Practice webpage. Other documents will be released over the coming months to further guide and support application of the Standards.

If you have questions after reviewing the Standards, please contact CMTO’s Practice Specialist at or by phone at 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4124.

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