New CMTO applicant using a computer in a home office environment.

New Requirement (for New Applicants) Comes into Effect on January 1, 2024

December 2023

Starting in the new year, all applicants applying for registration with CMTO will be required to complete CMTO’s online Jurisprudence Program.

Watch CMTO’s video to learn more about the new program.

The online Jurisprudence Program provides an overview of the legislation and Standards of Practice which govern Massage Therapy in Ontario. The program has three parts:

  1. Prevention of Sexual Abuse and the Standards of Practice;
  2. Legislation and Regulation; and
  3. Professionalism and the Code of Ethics.

Each part of the program has a corresponding test which requires a passing score of 70%. The program takes approximately four hours to complete and is available at no charge.

As of January 1, 2024, applicants will be able to participate in the Jurisprudence Program after they have passed both the MCQ and OSCE exams. Once an applicant successfully completes the Jurisprudence Program, they will be able to submit their Application for Initial Registration. Successful completion of the Jurisprudence Program is valid for six months.

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