New Public Register Experience Coming Soon

Spring 2021

CMTO is actively working on various updates to improve the user experience on its website.

Later this summer, in the spirit of advancing its strategic vision of becoming a more transparent and modern regulator, the College will introduce several updates to the online public register and registrant portal and digitise several forms.

CMTO’s Public Register

The College’s public register contains up-to-date information on every RMT in Ontario. This information is initially obtained when an individual first applies to the College. Additional information is obtained directly from RMTs when they complete their annual renewal or when they notify the College of any changes to their information.

The upcoming updates to the public register include the following:

  • Gender: An RMT’s gender is currently displayed on the public register, in accordance with the By-Law No.8. Currently, an RMT’s gender is displayed on the public register as “male” or “female”. Moving forward, RMTs will have the choice to identify their gender as”:
  • “M” (generally associated with male);
  • “F” (generally associated with female); or
  • “X” (not directly associated with male or female, including but not limited to Trans, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary, and/or Binary people.).

RMTs will be able to select the salutation that CMTO staff should address them by, with the addition of the neutral option “Mx.” Recognition of “X” and “Mx” moves towards more inclusive language at CMTO. While an RMT’s gender will be displayed on CMTO’s public register, their salutation is for the purpose of CMTO communications only.

The College recognizes that there may be more terms that represent the diverse and unique experiences of the LGBTQ2S community, and we will continue to respond to any developments going forward.

‘Authorized to Practise’ / ‘Not Authorized to Practise’: Any registrant currently authorized to practise Massage Therapy in Ontario will show as ‘Yes’ under a new ‘Authorized to Practise’ section on the public register. Registrants may be listed as not currently authorized to practise for a wide variety of reasons (e.g., suspended, revoked, holding an Inactive Certificate of Registration) and will show as ‘No’ under ‘Authorized to Practise’. Information about practice concerns related to registrants will appear under the new Public Register Alert.

  • New Public Register Alert: The public register will provide clear and simplified alerts about an RMT, including but not limited to, current practice restrictions, investigation or disciplinary matters, and findings of guilt by a criminal court.

Registrant Portal

The College is moving towards a self-serve model for RMTs. RMTs will soon be able to update and access their information through the enhanced registrant portal. The main updates include:

  • Registrant Login: RMTs will no longer use their CMTO ID number to log in to the registrant portal. Instead, they will log in using the e-mail address they have on file with CMTO and their existing password.
  • Online Forms: RMTs will be able to update their personal information on the registrant portal with enhanced ease. As one example, RMTs will be able to login into their registrant portal anytime throughout the year to update their professional liability insurance to ensure that it is current and accurate, as required under College By-Law No.10. RMTs will also be able to start several registration-related processes online (e.g., forms submissions, name and status change, etc.).

Digitisation of Forms

To make submitting complaints and mandatory reports easier, CMTO transitioned these forms from a paper format to a digital format:

  • Complaint Form: allows an individual to initiate a formal complaint about an RMT.
  • Mandatory Reporting Form: allows RMTs, other regulated healthcare professionals, employers, or facility operators to report sexual abuse, professional misconduct, or employment termination.

Well ahead of the Fall 2021 renewal cycle, the College will be sharing more information about how to navigate the newly introduced web features with RMTs and the public. Please stay tuned for more details!

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