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Introduction to the New Risk-based Assessment

Summer 2022

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) will be launching a new risk-based approach to assessments as part of STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program.  The Risk-based Assessment (RBA) will:

  • Engage and support Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in meeting the Standards of Practice and regulations; and
  • Promote RMTs’ professional development and meaningful self-reflection.

The new Risk-based Assessment has two components:

  1. Practice Profile; and
  2. Practice Assessment.

Practice Profile

All RMTs will complete the Practice Profile in early 2023. The Practice Profile is an online screening assessment where RMTs will demonstrate how they meet the Standards of Practice and identify risks (e.g., prolonged absence from practice, solo practice, etc.) and supports (e.g., mentorship, building a professional network, etc.) to their competence. Practice Profile results will be provided to RMTs shortly after completion. From there, a small percentage of RMTs will be selected to undergo a Practice Assessment.

Practice Assessments

The Practice Assessment includes two parts:

  1. A pre-interview assignment on the Standards of Practice; and
  2. A virtual interview with an Assessment Advisor.

The majority of RMTs who complete the Practice Assessment will not require additional follow-up.  In some cases, an RMT may be asked to participate in a second Practice Assessment. This will serve as another opportunity to demonstrate the ways they meet the Standards of Practice.

RBA E-Learning Module Coming Soon

CMTO is working on developing an e-learning module for the upcoming cycle of STRiVE, which will run from September to November 30, 2022. The module will provide an overview of RBA and offer resources to support RMTs’ continued success.

RBA is expected to launch in early 2023. Please keep an eye out for more updates over the coming months.

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