Evidence-Informed Practice Activities and Survey

Summer 2020

CMTO is committed to ensuring quality client care through evidence-informed practice (EIP) – it’s one of our strategic goals.

What is EIP?

EIP is the integration of your professional knowledge, client perspective, research and work context in the delivery of high-quality services.

Why is EIP important to Massage Therapy practice?

It’s important to your practice because EIP:

  • Results in outcome-based Massage Therapy treatment;
  • Supports the application of new Massage Therapy research;
  • Is applicable to all practice settings;
  • Provides a framework for shared discussion with other healthcare providers;
  • Challenges your critical thinking skills;
  • Lets you think about your clients from a different perspective, providing new insight;
  • Improves care and supports better client outcomes;
  • Provides a great structure to evaluate your own effectiveness; and
  • Helps you explain to others why you do what you do.

What do I need to know now?

We are excited to announce that the 2020 STRiVE E-Learning Module will focus on EIP. The module will provide the foundation needed to support future professional development in this area.

CMTO will be introducing additional activities to support RMTs in applying an evidence-informed approach. But first, we need to hear from you! We have developed a short survey on EIP; your answers to the survey questions will provide us with information we need to understand how CMTO can help RMTs incorporate evidence into their practice.

Complete the survey now:

  • Log in into your Registrant Profile
  • Click the STRiVE tab
  • Click the survey link located under the heading ‘Optional’ in the left navigation menu

The survey closes on September 4, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 ext. 4150 or at professionalpractice@cmto.com.

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