Discontinuation of Photo ID Cards

Summer 2020

In November 2019, CMTO’s Council approved the discontinuation of photo ID cards for initial registration and renewal, effective January 1, 2021.

Photo ID cards do not contain all the information that CMTO is required to share with the public about Massage Therapists (MTs/RMTs), including information about practice restrictions, discipline findings, criminal charges and bail conditions. Also, information that is on the photo ID cards is only current on the day it is printed. For example, an RMT who resigns after the photo ID card was printed would still have a photo ID card that is valid until the next renewal period.

In recent years, with government legislative changes, there has been an increased emphasis on health regulatory colleges’ public registers. The public register is a critical part of CMTO’s public protection mandate. CMTO’s online public register is the go-to place for current and reliable information about every RMT in Ontario. The public register ensures that clients and employers have easy access to accurate, comprehensive information about RMTs. RMTs should be referring their employers and clients to the public register to verify their registration status and information. CMTO runs an annual “Look Before You Book” campaign promoting the use of CMTO’s public register, and has developed “Look Before You Book” resources for use in your practice.

With the discontinuation of photo ID cards, CMTO will no longer be mailing renewal receipts. RMTs can access their renewal receipts for the current and previous years through the Registrant Login section of the CMTO website.

For more information about the discontinuation of photo ID cards, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions posted on CMTO’s website or contact registrationservices@cmto.com.

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