Council Highlights

Spring 2018

CMTO held three Council meetings in 2017: May 15, Sept. 11 and Nov. 13, 2017. Key highlights from the three meetings are below. Highlights from the February 2018 Council meeting will be included in the next edition of TouchPoint.

Council Materials Are Now Online 

CMTO’s Council materials are now posted online prior to Council meetings.

Council Approves 2016 Financial Statements

Blair MacKenzie of Hilborn LLP, the accounting firm that conducted the 2016 annual audit of the College, attended the May Council meeting to present an overview of the draft audited Financial Statements. Following the presentation, Council approved the 2016 Financial Statements. Over the summer, the College released the Summary Financial Statements in its 2016 Annual Report. During the meeting, the Executive Committee also reported on the Registrar’s 2016 Performance Appraisal.

Council Appoints 2017 Auditor for the College

In spring 2016, the College conducted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2017 CMTO Auditor. After careful consideration of the proposals and interviews with selected firms, the Executive Committee recommended the re-appointment of Hilborn LLP. During the May meeting, CMTO’s Council approved and appointed Hilborn LLP as the auditor for the College for the 2017 fiscal year, and authorized CMTO to engage Hilborn for audit services.

CMTO Reinforces Its Commitment to CMTCA

In May, CMTO’s Council requested the allocation of $338,558 from Unrestricted Funds to the Restricted Fund for National Initiatives to support its continued commitment to the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) over the next two years.

At the September Council meeting, Council moved to accept the CMTCA Accreditation Standards and accreditation process developed and administered by the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation for the purpose of identifying Massage Therapy education programs that meet the educational requirements for registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Council will also recommend to Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development that in order to be approved, a Massage Therapy program in Ontario must participate in and successfully complete the accreditation process administered by the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA).

 Council Updates the Direct Client Care Policy

Council approved an update to the Direct Client Care Policy. In order to meet the currency requirement for maintaining a general Certificate of Registration, registrants must have either completed a CMTO-approved refresher program within the previous 15 months, or must have provided a minimum of 500 hours of direct client care within the Scope of Practice of the profession within the previous three years.

To count within the 500 hours of direct client care, the activities undertaken must:

  • Be completed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in a regulated jurisdiction in Canada; and
  • Contribute to the RMT maintaining competence in Massage Therapy assessment and treatment.

 2018 Fee Increase Notice

Council approved an increase to the annual registration fees for 2018, in accordance with the by-laws, which will allow CMTO to respond to the evolving needs of the regulatory environment. Registration fees for January 1 to December 31, 2018, are as follows:

  • General Certificate (GC) – $598.00
  • Inactive Certificate (IN) – $182.00

CMTO Consults on and Approves New Standards of Practice

In September 2017, CMTO introduced new requirements for Massage Therapists to improve client safety, in response to Ontario’s Protecting Patients Act, which aims to eradicate sexual abuse by health professionals.

The new Standards for Maintaining Professional Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse (Standards) communicate expectations for: obtaining client consent for treatment of sensitive areas; appropriate treatment of friends and family members; proper professional boundaries; post-termination relationships and mandatory reporting requirements of RMTs.

CMTO received a significant amount of feedback on the new Standards from stakeholders and the public since their release on September 21, 2017. Council considered and discussed the feedback during the November 13th meeting. Based on the feedback from clients and RMTs, CMTO’s Council considered a streamlined sample consent form that was provided with the Standards to make it more user-friendly for clients. The revised form was made available to RMTs on November 22, 2017.

CMTO will continue to monitor the implementation of the new Standards and provide support to clients of RMTs as they implement the new requirements into their everyday practice.

2018 Workplan

Council approved the College’s proposed Workplan for 2018 which supports the three Strategic Plan (2016-18) goals of Transparency, Quality and Regulatory Modernization.

Update on the Massage Therapy Research Fund

CMTO’s Council was notified that as of April 2017, the Centre for Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto will wind down its administration of CMTO’s Massage Therapy Research Fund (MTRF). The remaining funds have been transferred to Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services at Centennial College. Once the funds in the MTRF are fully depleted, Council will review the mandate of the fund. The 2017 funding competition has been completed.

2018 Council Meeting Schedule

 The following 2018 Council meeting dates were approved: Feb. 13, May 14, Sept. 10 and Nov. 12. Council meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a Council meeting as an observer, please contact us at for further details.

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