Council Highlights

June 2023

Council met on April 25 and May 8, 2023. Highlights from the meeting are below.

  • Council directed CMTO to submit the proposed Registration Regulation amendments to the Ministry of Health. To read the summary of proposed changes, please see the April 17, 2023: Briefing Note.
  • CMTO’s auditor attended the meeting to provide an overview of CMTO’s 2022 audited financial statements. Council approved the financial statements, and a summary will be included in the 2022 Annual Report.
  • During the May 8th meeting, Council approved an increase of $18 to the General Certificate fee for 2024 ($897 to $915). According to CMTO’s By-laws, the Inactive Certificate fee will also increase by $9 ($448.50 to $457.50).
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