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Council Highlights

Summer 2022

CMTO’s Council met on May 9 and 10, 2022. Highlights from the meeting are summarized below.

  • Council established two ad-hoc committees:
    • The Strategic Planning Committee will provide guidance and input into the development of CMTO’s new strategic plan.
    • The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee will help develop initiatives to reflect and enhance CMTO’s inclusivity, tolerance and compassion.
  • CMTO’s auditor attended the meeting to provide an overview of CMTO’s 2021 audited financial statements. Council approved the financial statements, a summary of which will be included in the 2021 Annual Report.
  • Council considered two by-law changes:
    • Proposed changes to By-Law No. 7 – Fees for Registration, Examinations and Other Activities. Council approved a consultation on the proposed increases to fees. Provide your feedback.
    • Proposed changes to By-Law No. 9 – The Registrar. The proposed changes allow for more flexibility by allowing the Registrar to appoint a staff person as Deputy Registrar, for any period. The change also distinguishes between the role of “Deputy Registrar” and “Acting Registrar”, and allows Council to appoint anyone as Acting Registrar, whether or not there is a Deputy Registrar in place.
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