Council Highlights

Fall-Winter 2021

The College’s Council met on September 27 and September 28, 2021. Highlights from the meeting are summarized below.

Vaccination and RMTs

Council approved CMTO’s position statement strongly encouraging COVID-19 Vaccination for RMTs.

Risk-Based Assessments

Council received an update on the development of a Risk-based Assessment, a component of STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program. All registrants will be required to participate, beginning in 2023. Additional information will be provided in the new year.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Meagan Lortie, Caycee Masters and Charmaine Whitman, RMT presented to Council and staff in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day and to discuss Massage Therapy and Indigenous communities.

Council reviewed a briefing note that described how CMTO is moving forward on DEI initiatives, including participation on the Health Profession Regulators of Ontario (HPRO) Anti-BIPOC Racism Working Group, Indigenous inclusion/awareness and gender diversity. DEI has been added to the College’s 2022 workplan.

Governance Updates

Ad Hoc Committee on Governance Established

Council formally established an Ad-Hoc Committee on Governance to address proposed legislative amendments related to the structure of committees and panels, and governance improvement initiatives linked to College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF). Council also approved the appointment of Kim Westfall-Connor as Chair of the Committee and draft Terms of Reference.

By-Law Revisions Approved

Council approved By-Law revisions to come into effect immediately that will allow the appointment of public non-Council committee members.

Recommendations on Governance Domain Improvements

Council approved several recommendations from the Ad-Hoc Committee on Governance to ensure all requirements in the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) Governance domain are met.

2022 Certification Examination Content Outlines

Council approved the 2022 Certification Examination Content Outlines effective January 1, 2022. The content for both examinations are reviewed annually to ensure the content is fair, valid, reliable and defensible.

Second Quarter (Q2) Reporting

Council reviewed and approved the following reports and updates:

  • Unaudited Q2 financial report
  • Changes to the 2021 workplan and the overall Q2 workplan update
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee report

2022 Workplan

Council reviewed and approved a workplan for 2022.

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