Council Highlights

Winter 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, the College held three Council meetings on February 13th, May 14-15th, and September 10th. Highlights from these meetings are available below.

Council’s Executive Committee Confirmed

On February 13th, CMTO’s Council acclaimed Lisa Tucker, RMT, as the College’s President, and elected Kim Westfall-Connor to the position of Vice-President for 2018. In addition, Jocelyn Acheson and Lloyd White were selected as the two Executive Officers to the 2018 Executive Committee.

Update on the Refresher Course Project

CMTO’s Council approved a proposed change to the Refresher Course to address the different needs of candidates applying for the certification examinations, and those of existing registrants. CMTO’s Council requested that the updated Refresher Course be closely tied to the principles of the redeveloped Quality Assurance Program when it comes into effect in 2019.

Council Approves 2017-18 Quarterly Reports

During the February, May and September meetings, CMTO’s Council reviewed and approved the quarterly Committee Reports as well as the College’s Financial Reports, for the last quarter of 2017, and for the first and second quarters of 2018. For details of these reports, please see the full Council Meeting Packages here, here and here.

CMTO’s Funding for Therapy and Counselling Program Updated

The Client Relations Committee proposed broadening the eligibility criteria for those applying to the Funding for Therapy and Counselling Program at the College. After careful consideration, CMTO’s Council accepted the expanded eligibility requirements and directed the College to implement the new Program immediately.

Conclusion of the Clinic Regulation Project

CMTO’s Council was informed that the College’s work within the Clinic Regulation Working Group has ended. The participants of the Working Group have agreed to formally conclude the project. The Working Group participants were very pleased with the opportunity to collaborate on this important project in the public interest. CMTO’s Council is sincerely grateful to the stakeholders who provided input into this project. A detailed summary of the Clinic Regulation Project is available here.

2017 Audited Financial Statements

  1. MacKenzie of Hilborn LLP, the College’s Auditor, presented an overview of the 2017 draft audited Financial Statements to CMTO’s Council. Following the presentation, Council approved the 2017 year-end Financial Statements, including the proposed increase to the Restricted Funds for National Initiatives. During the May 14/15 meeting, B. MacKenzie of Hilborn LLP, was re-appointed as the College’s Auditor for 2018.

Amendment to By-Law No.7 – Fees

At its meeting of May 14-15, 2018, after careful consideration of 29 financial forecast models,  CMTO’s Council  proposed an amendment to By-Law No.7 – Fees to ensure the financial stability of the College, while assuring it can meet its mandate of protecting the public interest and provide professional guidance and development support to Massage Therapists. At its meeting on September 10th, Council reviewed the comments received from stakeholders during the mandatory consultation period. In addition, they received a recommendation from the Executive Committee which reviewed, in detail, an additional fee scenario proposed by the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario. Council approved an increase to CMTO’s renewal fees. The registration fee for 2019 is now $785.00 for a General Certificate and $200.00 for an Inactive Certificate. The Registration renewals deadline for 2019 will be on December 31, 2018 (instead of November 1st) to allow more time for registrants to adjust to the increase.

At its meeting on May 15th, 2018, CMTO’s Council also approved an additional update to By-Law No. 7 (after circulating the proposed amendments and receiving responses) that increases the Certification Examination fees in 2019 to $575.00 for the Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) examination, and $805.00 for the Objectively Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) examination. For details regarding the increase in fees, please read this notice.

Update on the Quality Assurance Program

At the September 10th, 2018 Council meeting, the Professional Practice department provided an update to CMTO’s Council on the status of the revised Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The Quality Assurance Committee approved the termination of the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) components of the current QA Program. Council was informed that the Peer Assessment component will continue throughout 2018.

First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training

Council is considering whether to require first aid/CPR training on an ongoing basis. Council would like to understand from registrants whether they have current first aid/CPR training and whether they have used their first aid/CPR training in their practice. A survey will be sent out to registrants. The responses received will assist Council with its discussions.

Proposed Amendments to By-Law No. 8 – The Register

Over the last two years, the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) has been amended to expand and clarify what must be contained on the public register. CMTO’s Ad Hoc Committee on Governance reviewed By-Law No. 8 – The Register to ensure it was consistent with the updated RHPA. Council considered and approved the recommendations by the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance, and directed that the proposed amendments be approved for circulation to stakeholders for comment.

New Practice Resource Development Process

Council approved a standard process for developing new practice resources for RMTs (e.g., Standards of Practice, practice guidelines). The new process is grounded in regulatory modernization and includes steps involving research, engagement/consultation and monitoring for unintended consequences.

Proposed Policy: Inappropriate Touch of a Client by a Candidate During the OSCE

To ensure that the Objectively Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) environment is respectful and safe for all participants, Council approved a policy regarding inappropriate touch of a client during the OSCE.

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