Illustration of two characters reviewing a laptop screen showing different RMT profiles representing risk-based assessment.

Coming in 2023: CMTO’s New Risk-based Assessment

Fall-Winter 2022

CMTO is launching a new risk-based approach to assessments as part of STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program in 2023. Based on the Standards of Practice, select topics will be highlighted as the focus for each year. As part of this process, all RMTs will complete a Practice Profile annually, beginning in March 2023.

The Practice Profile has two sections:

To complete the Practice Profile, the RMT first responds to questions about their risks and supports to competence.

Self-Inventory of Risks and Supports
  • Responses are for personal use only and any information that is reported remains confidential.


As the next step, the RMT answers questions about specified Standards of Practice and Regulations.

Standards of Practice Quiz
  • Responses to questions are scored automatically. Answers and explanations are provided upon submission.


Feedback from the self-inventory will help RMTs understand their risks to competence and enhance their support to competence.

Each year, different Standards of Practice or Regulations are chosen for RMTs to focus on. For 2023, the selected Standards of Practice or Regulations are:

To help you prepare to complete the Practice Profile:

  • Review the selected Standards of Practice and corresponding Spotlights;
  • Review the information presented in the STRiVE e-Learning Module: An Introduction to Risk-based Assessments (which can be accessed anytime by logging in to the STRiVE platform); and
  • Refer to the Risk-Based Assessments page on the CMTO website.
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