QA Program Consultation

Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback on the proposed new Framework and Essential Competencies for CMTO’s new Quality Assurance Program (QAP).  The survey is now closed and CMTO will provide a summary of the feedback shortly.

Additional opportunities will be available through 2018 to contribute to the redevelopment of the QAP and you will be notified, through email and website postings, when these occur.

The summary video will remain to allow those unable to participate while the survey was available to still learn about the proposed changes.



QA Program Consultation Summary – Framework and Essential Competencies

In February 2018, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) circulated a short video describing the proposed framework and Essential Competencies (ECs) for the revised Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and asked for feedback. Thank you to the 2,100 respondents who provided their comments in an electronic survey format.

The general level of support for the new QAP program (when asked “I support this approach to the new Quality Assurance Program”) as well as a summary of feedback is contained below:

Survey participants were asked to score each EC on a scale of 1 to 100; linking the importance of each behaviour/competency to their Massage Therapy practice. Of the 14 ECs proposed, 8 scored between 91 and 95 in “importance”, while the remaining 6 scored between 84 and 89 in “importance”. These results demonstrated that the proposed ECs were aligned with important aspects of Massage Therapy practice.

The feedback that was provided to CMTO also indicated a need for an additional EC to capture applying principles of sensitive practice, including behaviours of maintaining therapeutic boundaries, active observation and response to client’s emotional reactions, transference and counter-transference, and the prevention of sexual abuse. Based on this input, a 15th EC has been added.

In addition to the online survey summarized above, in March 2018, eight focus groups were held throughout Ontario (including on-line sessions) with a total of 83 registrant participants. During each of the sessions, the framework and ECs were reviewed, and the direction for the revised QAP was discussed. The feedback was extremely positive with clear excitement for change. Registrants expressed their views of the current QAP, including the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) process being costly, time consuming, restrictive and limited in applicability to them or their practice. Other feedback included:

  • General support for moving towards a performance-based program.
  • Support for recognition that learning continues throughout the career-span and that the nature of the learning can take different paths and forms.
  • Recognition that the proposed framework will allow for flexibility and an increased ability for RMTs to select learning activities that are of interest and relevance to their clients.
  • Support for all 15 Essential Competencies with suggestions for changes being made related to phrasing and language.
  • Participants did not express a preference for any one of the two proposed rating scales for the new Self-Assessment Tool (SAT).
  • General support for the SAT being cumulative to ensure that previous years’ rating would be available.
  • Some participants suggested CMTO move to a mentorship model for the peer assessment process, and that reviewing the SAT would be a good component to add to this mentorship role.

Based on the feedback, CMTO made changes to the proposed SAT and ECs. A feedback survey was circulated in June 2018 related to the proposed new SAT. The results from this survey will be shared at a later date and the feedback received will be incorporated into the development of the SAT.

Thank you again to all survey and focus group participants. Your feedback is essential in producing a revised program that is meaningful, easy to use, and ensures competent, safe, and effective service provision to your clients.