Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is dedicated to excellence in protecting the public’s interest, serving its members (registrants), and promoting the highest possible quality of the practice of Massage Therapy in a safe and ethical manner.

Our Vision

The following statement and supporting descriptions represent our vision. It captures the truth of who we are, what we do, and what we aspire to.

As Registered Massage Therapists we envision a future where we are valued professionals providing compassionate care to optimize health for life. Our vision contains three elements that flow from beginning to end. The following provides insights into what each element means:

As  valued professionals, RMTs:

  • Embrace the responsibility of advocacy for, and stewardship of, the therapeutic value of touch
  • Work as a community to enhance the integrity, credibility and influence of the profession
  • Engage as equals in inter-professional collaboration for client-centred care
  • Are knowledgeable and skilled therapists who provide excellence in care through continued competence and life-long learning
  • Responsibly engage in independent decision-making within their practices and the health care system
  • Provide evidence-based care with integrity, compassion, and respect

Our compassionate care:

  • Is empathetically communicated through therapeutic, restorative touch
  • Places the client’s best interests at the centre of decision-making
  • Cherishes and respects the worth, privacy, diversity and dignity of all people
  • Is rooted in history and is intrinsic to the profession’s nobility

Our goal of optimized health for life:

  • Enables people to achieve a continuing sense of health and well-being for life
  • Recognizes the dynamic nature of health and provides adaptive care throughout the client’s lifetime
  • Engages and motivates a person into taking responsibility for their well-being
  • Identifies and applies the best possible current treatment options and guidelines to achieve the client’s needs and goals
  • Develops healthy relationships between professions and inspires connection and cooperation with the stakeholder communities around our clients to optimize their wellness

Our Guiding Principles and Values

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario believes in:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect for others
  • Transparency and openness
  • Accountability
  • Fiscal diligence and sound financial planning
  • Governance organizational development and effectiveness
  • Continuously developing appropriate partnerships
  • Professional ethics
  • Excellence in Massage Therapy education, research and practice
  • Dedication to public service and safety
  • Valuing staff through fair, equitable and competitive employment practices
  • Continuous commitment to quality assurance
  • Meeting and exceeding statutory obligations
  • Highest level of excellence in Massage Therapy practice