Abuse Prevention

Legitimate healthcare never involves abuse. That is why all regulatory health colleges under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) have zero tolerance for client/patient abuse. Zero tolerance means that the Colleges have procedures in place to investigate all complaints of abuse and discipline health professionals who are found guilty.

The College has a zero tolerance policy for any form of abuse – verbal, physical, emotional or sexual – of clients by Massage Therapists. The College is committed to preventing abuse through education of its registrants, clients of Massage Therapists and the public.

Sexual Abuse

The RHPA defines sexual abuse as:

  • Sexual intercourse or other forms of physical sexual relations between a healthcare professional and a patient or client;
  • Touching, of a sexual nature, of a patient or client by a healthcare professional;
  • Behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature by a healthcare professional towards a patient or client.

Any sexual relationship between a registered healthcare provider and a client of either sex is professional misconduct. It does not matter if you, as a client, started or wanted the sexual involvement – the healthcare professional will be held responsible. A professional found guilty of sexual abuse as defined by the RHPA can lose his or her registration and right to practise.