Disclosure of Massage Therapist’s History to the Complaints Committee


  1. The College will provide the Complaints Committee and make available to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board upon a review, information relating to a Massage Therapist’s current and previous involvement with the Complaints process. This will include information on ongoing active complaints, prior Complaints Committee decisions, referrals to Discipline, investigations under Section 75 of the RHPA, 1991, and any other relevant information listed in 2 – 6.
  2. The Investigator will bring to the attention of the Complaints Committee any previous Complaints Committee decisions concerning this Massage Therapist which are similar to the current investigation.
  3. The Investigator will bring to the attention of the Complaints Committee information about other active ongoing complaints with similar issues which have not yet reached the Committee stage.
  4. Decisions of the Discipline Committee involving the Massage Therapist under review by the Complaints Committee in which the Massage Therapist was found guilty by the Discipline Committee, will be brought to the attention of the Complaints Committee if related issues were involved in that hearing.
  5. When an investigation is clearly relevant to the concerns expressed in the complaint before the Committee, a brief outline of any section 75 investigation report, which has been forwarded to the Massage Therapist will be provided to the Complaints Committee for their consideration. The actual report which may make reference to other clients or other non-relevant information, will not be provided to the Committee.
  6. The Investigator will be asked to provide to the Complaints Committee any other relevant information pertaining to this complaint and this Massage Therapist which may assist the Complaints Committee in rendering a decision.

Approved: September 22, 1995
References: College of Physicians and Surgeons’ Policy.